Deadlines getting closer and closer

First of all sorry for the infrequent updates. Last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. I was in the middle of internship interviews etc. But now I’m back! So where did I left of… Okay, yes. Last post was about an idea that came fort as an adaptation of the video “Daft Punk – Around the world”. Since then I haven’t really found time to delve into idea development. So I’ve started creating a layout for my final assessment portfolio. I decided to do it in a uniform style that corresponds with my blog and portfolio. Partially because I’m lazy and I have no idea how to create a new visual appealing theme.


While going through my sketchbook I’ve found some abandoned ideas of the past years. They even had shitty sketches.

The Jumper

jumping_gameIt’s called the jumper because the main verb in this game is , yes you guessed it, jumping! The game can be played by a variable amount of players ranging from 1 – 4. The goal is to reach the highest height and gain as much score as possible while maintaining to stay inside the screen. Once out of the screen, it’s game over for you.
The game will feature no horizontal platforms. This to encourage to keep moving. The player can do wall jumps infinitely and has a rather ‘floaty’ feel to move around. When playing with more than 2 players it is even more interesting. Players do collide and can influence the movement of other players by hitting them or just blocking them. As mentioned previously the camera will be a moving camera and will kill the player once the player is outside of the screen.



The Puzzle Cube

A VR puzzle quest game. The cube of destiny has appeared before you. Solve it to reveal the mysteries of this world and gain experience to finally reach the puzzle master rank.

The player starts out in a room with a floating cube in front of him. Each side of this cube looks like it is some kind of puzzle. Think of “Keep talking and nobody explodes” but instead of having someone explain what the other person should do. The player has to solve the riddles and puzzle himself. Difficulty increases with each cube you solve. Sometimes the cube has a side which is more like a small compartment containing pieces of a puzzle.

Art wise I really like the vibe of the witness ( also contains puzzles). So the environment would be either a forest shack with the same kind of colors, vibrant and bright.



Puzzle inspirations will be taken from existing games and puzzles. Such as Flow Free, Rubiks Cubes, the Witness, etc…

Example puzzles