such audio, much beats #2

This post is a continuation of the previous one “such audio, much beats”. I’m making a second one to seperate my group’s idea with my own idea I got using the same topic.


14804769_10210767249799563_1053765056_nThe game scene is made up out of 4 slices. Imagine you divided the vinyl plate into 4 different circular slices ( rings). The platform it will be aimed at would be some mobile platform (android,ios,…). The player will be able to rotate each ring separately and the goal is to match up all the rings to the beat. There is 1 master ring that signals the beat. If the player succeeds the level is either finished or the rings will slowly shift out of place again. The main idea behind this concept is that the player controls the music and needs to fix the music.

I haven’t fully developed this concept yet since I think this would need an actual prototype to work. And I might need to concept about the different ways of progressing in this game.

For example: Will the music just switch to a different track on aligning the rings. Will there be some kind of scrambling that happens every once in a while. Can we maybe switch rings in spots to switch between different instrument tracks.