“The game I dreamt about”

Let me start this post by saying that this concept spontaneously woke me up at 4am in the morning so I might scramble up some things. But the dream was fun!


In a bright and colorful world. You have to fly around on your hover board or drone ( not sure yet) to collect pieces of your dream. Each piece represents a small part of it. When all the pieces are collected you will be able to travel to a different “dream”. Symbolizing the end of your current dream. If you aren’t able to collect all the pieces in time you will be sent to a nightmare. A nightmare is a place where enemy hoverballs chase and shoot you. You race through the nightmare without getting shot to get back to your dreams.

Essentially the game will be a racing game. In the “dreams” you would be racing against other players while in the nightmares both of you have to work together to get to the end. In the dreams if one of the players collects all the pieces the other player can automatically also enter our dream portal to advance to the next dream.

Visual Style


The brighter pictures are representing our good “dreams” while the dark blue-ish pictures represent our nightmare. The visual style will borrow elements of Sunset Overdrive but most scenes of our dream will be in coastal areas without buildings. Beaches, palm trees, in other words: “The perfect paradise