Electronic Jona Joy



Electronic Jona Joy is a small game┬ábased on Electronic Super Joy created to learn the c++ programming language. Built upon the Hoefman engine provided by Howest. Adding small features in the process and developing and understanding of underlaying technologies. The graphics of the game leave a lot to be desired. I mainly focussed on the technical side of the game. I used a mixtured of my own programmer “art” and free assets from Kenny. Music by Popskyy


There are so many things in this game that I would do in a completely different way now. After 2 years of programming in c++ there are so many new things I’ve learnt about structuring your programs and games. Techniques like Scenegraphs, functors, etc… Those were all foreign to me when learning c++ through the creation of it. Nevertheless I’m still proud of the result I achieved with no prior programming experience.


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