Dev Log #1: “How high can you go?”

I’ll be posting weekly updates of our game called “Really Shitty Horses”screenshot_28. It’s currently just a prototyping work in progress.
This week I’ve spent some of my spare time working on this. I’ve created a small tool that allows me to take higher
resolution screenshots of the scene viewport or my camera view. There are some tweakable settings here such as our resolution multiplier and which viewport to use. Currently the width and height are updated when pressing capture to match the width and height of our multiplier viewport aspect ratio and pixel width / height. My goal is to make this into a full fledge unity asset.


What this tool does internally is create a render texture and then manually call the render() function on our camera. We then proceed to use this render texture it’s bytes and encode that to a png using a Texture2D. The problem is that unity’s canvasses are rendered after the complete scene and full quad is rendered. Meaning that the UI isn’t really rendered. Also debug gizmo’s aren’t manually rendered either. I’m currently still searching for a solution ( if there is any).

For the game I’ve worked on actually properly creating the transition from the readup scene to our main game scene. I’ve also changed to charging of our horses, it involved a complete rewrite of our movement script. Horses now have an internal value to keep track of our Stamina. When you boost you will use stamina as long as you keep boosting. If the stamina is empty you will have to wait longer for it to completely recharge. Think of it as some kind of overheating system for our horses. This is just one of the many ideas for charging we have. During this week I’ll test out more ideas and playtest them.
20161010-011057_screenshotThe ready-up screen checks for all possible controllers/keyboard setups to press action. When anyone presses action he readies up and takes up a spot in the game. We need at least 2 players to ready up to start the 3 seconds countdown timer. The game will only spawn as much players as that were ready. Also only spawning the same
amount of stamina bars. Currently the maximum is 4 players. Each player also has a unique color.


Note: These pictures are all taken with my screenshot utility 🙂