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During my time at the course Digital Arts and Entertainment I participated in a VR cardboard gamejam hosted by our college. The gamejam was all about creating a VR game using the limited capabilities of the google cardboard. Together with my team members (listed below). We have created a game called “Dream Defense”. The player is in the center of a small map playing god, placing towers to defend his realm. Build as much and as smart as you can while using your special abilities to destroy the enemies.


  • Louis Vissers
  • Thomas Kole
  • Robert Lindner
  • Me

Technical Information:

  • Plaftorm: Android
  • Engine: Unity
  • Google Cardboard

A big challenge in this gamejam was the limited input we could use. There is only 1 button and looking around as input, this created quite a big challenge for us. During this jam I’ve mostly programmed¬†on player abilities, moving around the playfield, ui implementations and some minor effects.

Read more at the DAE website

explosion laser menu

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