Joining a game development society

As recently mentioned I started my Erasmus study at Abertay university in Dundee. To develop my way of thinking about games and creating ideas I decided to join a game development society. Last Thursday we had our first meeting and formed teams for the first semester. The goal is to create and finish a game in 1 semester. After the creation of our team we immediately started brainstorming about the ideas we have in our minds. First deciding what kind of “genre” we want to work towards. Arena PvP sounded the most fun and the most exciting to make and play but of course we haven’t ruled out any other different ideas. Below you can find small concepts that we found.

Really Shitty Horses


In a medieval world 4 knights have a dispute about who is gonna marry the noble’s daughter. This dispute will be settled with horse yousting.


The game puts the player in the position of a knight. It will be a top down with a slightly angled camera angle. The horse that will be controlled by each player is unable to stop running, forcing the player to keep moving. Turning will not be immediate but rather smooth. The main goal for each player is to push everyone else of his horse. The only way of reaching this is by hitting the enemy at the right spot. To make it more interesting it might be interesting to give the horses their own “will” so that there is a chance that your horse will not react correctly to the player’s input.

Just A Generic Flying Game


This is not really a full thought out concept yet but rather more like some mechanics ideas that we found interesting. With keeping in mind a futuristic spaceship styled flying racing game. The game also would be a 4 player split screen game.

MechanicsScreen Swap infogram

The most interesting mechanic ( in my opinion) is where we play with on what screen we see what player.
For example: 2 players hit each other in the game. A interesting way of influencing the screens would be swapping the 2 screens.


Then we discussed this a bit more and eventually also ended up with concepts like a “screen master”. This person would be responsible for changing the screens of the players so that the players get confused and make mistakes therefore losing the game.

A “deathrun” styled idea came to mind too. Where the players would still be flying and this 1 person that controlled the environment would be able to change paths and activate traps that aren’t unfair but still force the player to always pay attention to the game.